7 Best Quotes Apps for Android 2024

Hello friends, I am with a new article and a new idea. So what I am actually going to introduce you to is “the best quotes app for android.”

Moreover, the apps listed here are absolutely FREE to install. So you can continue reading freely.
Read the article till the end. After that, decide what suits you the most.
This article is useful for those who love reading or writing quotes and beginners.
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Best Quotes App for Android

These quotes apps are tested and only selected some best. If you know any best quotes apps for android, you can mention them here. I will add the app to the list.

1. Haiku JAM

It is one of the most popular android quotes apps with 4.7 out of 5 (22,220+ ratings).
Not a writer or poet? Not to worry!
Haiku Jam is one such platform that offers you to write what first comes to your mind, whatever you feel, or your emotions in a line and passes it on. After that, strangers worldwide will write with you, adding a line each to make a micro poem, quote, or story. This is a quote maker app.
Basically, this concept of saying a lot with a little in just 3 lines is inspired by Japanese poetry “Haiku.”
So this app will introduce you to new perspectives from writers and poets worldwide.
Moreover, along with quotes, you can read and discover poetry, micro-stories, and Shayari on any topic.

Key Features:

  • Very light- doesn’t use much space on your phone
  • Freewriting app
  • Chat with your favorite writer & poet friends, get to know them better, and make friends
  • Laced with spelling and grammar checkers
  • Learn new vocabulary and writing techniques from millions of poems and quotes
  • Daily insights available
  • Writing challenges
  • Prizes & badges and earn Karma points too
  • Write on photos of your choice or use unique backgrounds
  • Personalize your words
  • Share your beautiful write-ups on social media…

2. Miraquill – Write Quotes, Poems

Miraquill is the most addictive creative quotes writing app with 4.5 out of 5 (22,990+ ratings).
It consists of a global community of writers, readers, and poets.
Along with quotes, you will find poems, stories, micro tales, blogs, and other kinds of write-ups.
It has an awesome design tool that will enhance the beauty of your creative effort.
If you are a writer, you know the importance of jotting down your ideas when they strike. So it’s the app for you as it facilitates you to save your ideas as drafts. Your drafts are private to you and not visible to anyone else.
Another best part of this app is that you can have the copyright of your original work.

Key Features:

  • Daily writing challenges.
  • A vast community of writers.
  • Beautiful fonts and eye-catching templates are available.
  • Discover writers around the world.
  • Save your quote ideas as a draft.
  • Badges for authors who have published books.
  • Multiple languages are available.
  • Allows sending personal notes to Miraquill friends.
  • Quotes will be google searchable.

3. YourQuote – Write, Publish Books & Earn Royalty

One of the best quote apps inspires you to be yourself and take care of your writing journey, from getting started to publishing your book to making money off it.
It’s a platform with over 1.2 million writers posting original works.
YourQuote is free and easy for those getting started and fulfilling for those eager to take it to the next level. It covers about every form of writing, from writing a poem to writing a novel. And so facilitates your words to travel the world.

Key Features

  • Daily creative writing tips.
  • Enables publishing books & earning real-time royalty.
  • Your quotes will be Google searchable.
  • Find writers around the world and make friends and followers.
  • A beautiful collection of templates and editing tools.
  • Multiple Languages – it cares for your mother tongue. Thus the team speaks over 20 languages.

4. The Best Life Quotes

Suppose you love reading the latest & different variety of quotes and sharing it on social platforms as your status. So it’s the app for you, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 (25,970+ reviews).
Get inspired every day with famous quotes about life, love, relationships, motivation, friendship, success, humor, funny, and many more. So spread the love, go social with an easy share option for messages.
Moreover, learning meaningful life lessons quotes means that we choose to be wiser every day.
So browse through the many motivational and inspirational life quotes on this app and be inspired today!

Key Features

  • Daily quotes notification.
  • Share quote as a text or picture.
  • Mark your favorite quotes.
  • Moreover, quotes and statuses are categorized.
The Life Quotes
The Life Quotes
Developer: LovePoint
Price: Free

5. Best Quotes and Status App

Sometimes you need a nice caption to get attention from the viewers while posting pictures or life events on social apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram & Tiktok. So this app, i.e., Best Quotes and Status, will help you easily find the best captions for it.
It provides a large collection of quotes for different categories. There are more than 85,000 quotes and more than 100 categories.
It allows you free access to their quotes. Hence you can use these quotes on your books, painting, wall, mobile application, websites, etc.

Key Features

  • Simple and light app.
  • 100+ categories.
  • Like, Share & Saving options available.
Quotes and Status
Quotes and Status
Developer: Manchester Apps
Price: Free

6. Funny Quotes Free

This is one of the best funny quotes apps for android with pictures. You can download this app free from the google play store. You can install this app and enjoy thousands of funny quotes if you want to smile on your boring day. The app developer regularly updates quotes for the app users to get updated funny quotes every day on your mobile phone. You will also be able to share those funny quotes on social media.

Funny Quotes and Memes
Funny Quotes and Memes
Developer: Vankiros
Price: Free

7. Inspirational Quotes Free

Do you want to heal your life with some motivational quotes? This android motivational quotes app is for you. You will get the best inspirational quotes with pictures. The app will help you understand the meaning of real-life and move forward. I personally like this kind of motivational android quotes app.

Daily Inspiring Life Quotes
Daily Inspiring Life Quotes
Developer: Vankiros
Price: Free

Conclusion (Best Quotes App for Android) :

At last, I want to say that we have introduced you to the best quotes apps for android. We are done. Therefore, now it’s your task to check out these best quotes apps one by one and explore them. Because you will understand the features of these apps when you will use them, so try them. And I am sure that it will help you very much. So I hope you find the most suitable app for yourself as per your requirements.
Thank you!!!

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