3 [tested] Best iOS Emulator for android in 2020


Today I will share some best iOS emulators for android. With those Emulators, you can run any iPhone app on your android devices.

Android OS is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Nowadays many people use android devices. And I am sure you are also an android user, that’s why you are here to find the best iOS emulator for your android phone.

iOS is also a great and operating system for the iPhone. There are some apps or games only available for iOS and not for android. Some android users want to experience the iOS interface. Whatever your purpose is you need the best iOS emulator for android, right.


NOTE- Apple is Apple and you should not compare the performance of the main iOS with the iOS emulators for android. 

Note 2: Unfortunately iOS Emulators for Android are not available on the Google Play Store. You must change some settings on your phone.

Step 1: Go to Additional Settings and tap Privacy

Step 2: Allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources

Once you have done this process, you will be able to download and use iOS emulator for android on your phone.


Best iOS emulators for android

There are some iOS emulators for android on the internet and all of them are not good. I have tested some best iOS emulators for android and listed here for you. I hope you will able to find the best iso emulator for your android phone and able to run ios apps on android.


1. Cider iOS Emulator for Android APK Download

Cider iOS emulator is one of the best and popular iOS emulator for android. With the help of this iOS emulator, you can download iOS applications and enjoy any kind of iOS game on your android smartphone. The developers of this emulator researched and discovered that iOS and Android both run on the same ARM hardware. After the successful researched they developed the Cider iOS emulator for android to run iOS apps on android phones. This is a free emulator, so you don’t have to pay money to download this app and run iOS on your android phone. At first, you have to check if the emulator is working or not. If you use this emulator, you don’t have to use iOS launchers to get the feel of the iPhone operating system on your android phone. This app is safe from viruses and malware, and you will not face any data lose issue if you install and uninstall this app. The Cider iOS emulator performance is great.



2. iEmu iOS Emulator For Android

best ios emulators for android

For people, iEmu is the best iOS emulator for android because this emulator is very easy to install and configure. The user interface of this iOS is also better than Cider. This emulator is also free to download and use. You just have to have a supported Android device to use this iOS emulator for android. This emulator can be run on slow android phones also. The size of the emulator is very light. You will need android device 2.2  or higher version, Minimum 512 RAM and 70 MB free space on your device. According to some user reviews, this emulator is safe to use. It can make your device slower if you run this emulator app on less than 1GB ram android device. You can test this iOS emulator for android on your phone to see exactly how it works. I hope you will love to use.



3. Appetize

This is not really an emulator app but this can help you to run any iOS Applications. It works through the browser which means you have to visite the Appetize website link to run iOS apps. You will get the real feeling of an Apple device using this browser ios emulator. You can use this emulator free of costs. The graphics of this iOS emulator is exactly the same as the iPhone. You need to have a high-speed internet connection to use this emulator smoothly because this emulator is an online emulator.



I hope this post was helpful to you and you now got your best iOS emulator for android. I am not sure that those emulators will work on every android device. I researched on the internet to find the best iOS emulators for android and got only a few that really works but not on all devices. Now android is being more advanced and the security becomes more powerful. On some of the latest android devices, these emulators may not work. I suggest you to try those if it works or not. If you are unable to run those apps try the emulator website as I have shared. The website will work.

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If you face any problem using those iOS emulators for android phone, don’t forget to mention here via comment box. I will try to solve your problem. I hope you enjoyed my post. Thank you very much for being with me.

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