How to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Here is one of the most anticipated ends of last year, or as many says, the best phablet 2013. This device is not known for its design (and keeping a strong resemblance to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2), but it is its hardware that makes it stand out, which has led him to be one of the smartphones more powerful than we can found on the market.

If this is your first root, we recommend you have a look at the basic terminology about rooting Android handsets. Moreover, remember to do the root is a dangerous process that can cause loss of all data on your phone, so do not hesitate to make a backup of your phone.

  1. We install the drivers corresponding to fully recognize us our computer device, for it can install Samsung Kies and connect your terminal to be installed all drivers required
  2. We need to know the model of your device. To do this, we are going to Settings> General> About device, and there we can find our Model Number
  3. Once we know what our model we go to the post of xda-developers, and in it, we look for our model on the most recent date, and we downloaded the appropriate file
  1. Now we have to download Odin and SuperSU
  2. Once downloaded, all turned our terminal and turn on mode download, for it pressed while the volume decrease button, the button Home and Power button. We will get a screen where you will press the volume up button to continue
  3. Once inside the mode download, connect your device to your computer and start the program Odin previously downloaded
  4. Within the program, in the top right, select the button that says PDA and put the first file you downloaded the forum xda-developers, the recovery. The options on the left shall be marked in the picture below

Having done all this, we give the button Start and start a small process, the program will end in us a green box with the word PASS! And the phone will reboot.

  1. Now copy the downloaded above file UPDATE-SuperSU, and paste it into the internal memory of your phone.
  2. We started the Recovery phone, for it simultaneously pressed the volume up button, the button Home and Power button.
  3. We will install zip> install zip from sd card; we seek and select the previously copied file and accept the installation file. Once done, restart the terminal and we will have the root completely done.

As you can see, this is not a complicated process as long as all the steps to the letter are followed. If you want, you can go to our section on the root of Android to see how to root a large number of terminals, or if you prefer, you can see all the possibilities offered by the root.

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