Applications to measure your heart rate on any Android phone

One of the novelties of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is the ability to measure your heart rate using the heart rate sensor located on the back next to the camera flash. There is something that everyone needs to control daily, but always curious about a function like this and to keep track of the smartphone.

However, long before appearing on the Galaxy S5, already existed in Google Play applications, through the camera and flash any phone, also can measure the pulsations. Just search for ” heart rate “we appear tens, although some are more careful than others, but all use the same method.

Measuring Heart Rate on Android

The operation is similar and all very simple, just coloring fingertip, usually the index on the camera and flash, wait a few seconds and go. The phone registers the pulses, which are estimated taking into account the color variation that has the skin before the LED light since it is directly related to the pulse.

Measuring Heart Rate on Android

Among these Apps, one of the most famous is Runtastic Heart Rate PRO, part of the whole pack of Runtastic sports applications and is one of the neatest and complete. It measures heart rate, displays results in flashy graphics, can be shared on social networks, and stays synchronized with your profile on Runtastic; you can check the website.

It’s free, although it has some limitations that can be removed by purchasing the PRO version, which costs € 1.99. Offers unlimited measurements, changing your FC, has no ads and pulse difference as situations (rest, during or even after exercise, etc..)

As an alternative to the previous finds, Instant Heart Rate and Heart Beat Rate, both with the same measurement system and mode of action, just place your finger on the camera flash. The interface changes from one to another, being more careful in the second, but the result should not vary.

They are free but also have Pro versions that unlock some functions, complete analysis, and statistics. With them, you can now measure your heart rate from your current smartphone without having to wait for the Galaxy S5, but remember that this does not replace testing by professional doctors, and sometimes measurements may be erroneous.

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