8 Best Games Like Pokemon for Android

The Google Play Store is ready to gift you all the best and fun games. You can find all the latest trending games for Android devices, here. The collection of Pokemon games keeps you one step ahead of many gamers. This is the largest franchises game.

After a long wait, you’re here to get an alternative collection of Pokemon games. If each game is played differently, you can take different experiences. There is a genre of Pokemon game that you will not see with your eyes. But I’ve often seen people love this game. And playing unique, hour after hour.

If you want to play a cool and fun game, this collection is for you. We’ll try to make this list bigger in the future if any new games are discovered. Which you should get explore right now.

Overview – Best Game for Android Like Pokemon

  1. Pokemon Go
  2. Pokemon Masters
  3. Magikarp Jump
  4. Pokemon Playhouse
  5. Pokemon Quest
  6. Pokemon TCG Online
  7. Pokemon Shuffle Mobile
  8. Dynamons World

Hundreds of Pokemon Wizards help you make a king on the battlefield. There are many types of Pokemon, which are created to give you the best feeling. And everyone has the right to be developed in these games. We will attach a direct link to the download so that you do not waste any time. And don’t forget to rate the games.


Pokemon Go(Free)

Pokémon GO

If your smartphone has 2 GB of RAM or higher, Pokemon Go has the ability to install. The adventure of life awaits you. Make your team heavier to catch stronger Pokemon in the competition. Take the journey to earn rewards with other trainers, with Pokemon friend

Without a doubt, Pokemon is a popular mobile game. It is capable of hitting the whole world. Discover Pokemon with trainers from all over the world.

The game has been downloaded more than 1 billion in total. And all the guys know How to play the game. Many times, winning becomes impossible. Because you get into a fight with an invalid team. However, Pokemon Go adds new discoveries, new Pokemon, and trainers for fans.


Pokemon Masters(Free)

Pokémon Masters

Start a new adventure with Pokemon Masters. Have fun exploring the new island. Become a champion with the fight. You can set up different trainers to fight. Of course, your opponent’s weaknesses must be noted, to deal with major problems.

Enjoy a co-op game with friends from anywhere in the world. That’s why I recommend you need a good Android device.

You can gain some knowledge by playing free Pokemon Masters games with multiplayer mode. This version of Pokemon has a lot of popularity but you can enjoy some of the trouble. The app will be frozen during play.

However, there is no cause for concern. It will refresh itself. Regular updates are now constantly adding great graphics. And love the voice of Pokemon Masters. Otherwise, it’s a great Pokemon game application. Get it for free.


Magikarp Jump(Free)

Pokémon Magikarp Jump

You can play these general games most of the extra time. The most powerful Magikarp Jump Games on earth will change your mind. You could say, Magikarp Jump is which kind of game?. And why Magikarp Pokemon is famous. The Magikarp Pokemon goes high into the sky. And never to be seen.

You can play Magikarp every day. Here you have a specific goal. You need to feel silly. Because the goal is to flip the opponent higher than Magikarp. Which needs to be strengthened through competition. You can forget to eat while playing Magikarp. Forget to take a bath.

This is one of the favorite mobile Pokemon games because it doesn’t need WiFi. And a series of continuous advances over which you have no real control. Early wars may not make you happy. It will motivate you to play again and again.


Pokemon Playhouse(Free)

Pokémon Playhouse

A friendly human character that allows children to discover the level of learning. At the same time, you can play with 6 Pokemon. Kids can solve at home, and other elements, in a huge playhouse. You can get the Pokemon Playhouse for free.

Adds more stuff to the latest version of Pokemon Playhouse and gives the player more freedom. Taking care of a Pokemon or targeting its activity features, identifying the Pokemon in the night sky, gives you more fun.

When your child discovers the Pokemon Playhouse and releases a new Pokemon with its eggs, you will feel really proud. Pokemon Playhouse does not encourage you to purchase the application and does not share your personal information.

The game has lots of colors and awesome control systems, which your kids can love. It’s extremely easy for kids to use. And I hope you don’t expect anything bigger from the game. Visit the Play Room to enter exciting adventure through the Pokemon Playhouse. Children are very proud of it. So gift your child Pokemon Playhouse today to unveil new Pokemon.


Pokemon Quest(Free)

Pokémon Quest

Do you know what Pokemon love? Pokemon Quest can be an alternative to having fun. Look forward to finding treasure in many countries with your friends. It’s a country where everything changes in Cube. Where your Pokemon will be violent. And fight.

You should have a goal in the Pokemon game. Your goal will be to hide on an island. Pokemon Quest is called Cross-Platform Games. Designed for older children and adults. Players can customize the field. Now almost every player has really enjoyed the game. Because the Pokemon numbers are able to be sorted by their name.

It should be acknowledged that some bugs were found in the gameplay. But you can trust yourself. This is nothing extra serious. The updated version is adding more content for the new generation. The Pokemon Quest game can still dominate a single player. Multiplayer is also being added more content in the future.


Pokemon TCG Online(Free)

Pokémon TCG Online

You can understand the title by supporting the game online. As a Pokemon game, it’s a little fun. It expects to use a tablet device with an Internet connection. You can’t enjoy the real fun of it with a little older device.

There is a great opportunity to challenge other players around the world. Play online, trade online, using Pokemon trading cards. To enrich your online collection, collect cards and store the Pokemon Trainer Club. So you can easily switch from tablet to desktop.

To get the most extra fun with the game you need to know about the tricks. The cards you find here that not like other online card games. However, it is cheaper to play. By slowly, starting to build your own collection, and will be able to take a shot at better players. I recommend you to try once.


Pokemon Shuffle Mobile(Free)

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

To attack your enemy directly, you can take any shape at Pokemon Shuffle. If you love solving the Pokemon War puzzle, where there are lots of plans and possibilities. Have fun with different levels of the challenge at Pokemon Shuffle. By equipping three or more Pokemon horizontally, can fight Pokemon weavers.

You can play it all of a sudden because Pokemon Shuffle is a classic match, equipped with three styles. Pokemon Shuffle is a daily casual game. Defeating each level will become your addiction. And capture every Pokemon enjoy real fun.

However, it is clear that you will not get the option to save any Pokemon Shuffle Cloud. Or don’t get a chance to backup. If you ever lose an old phone, you’ll need to start over. Which is very annoying. And many do not like it. Hopefully, Pokemon Shuffle will be adding their backup service in a later version.


Dynamons World(Free)

Dynamons World

Dynamons World is basically an alternative to Pokemon. You’re ready to experience the ultimate Dynamics World here. In multiplayer supported battles you can defeat powerful opponents. With strong skills and brilliant strategy, fight the Captain. And prove yourself to be the best.

As I said earlier this is a copy of Pokemon, but its powerful graphics make fights epic. At times, ads may feel mildly annoying. Dynamos World is nothing like Pokemon but the excitement has added new places to continue the game.


If you’ve missed out on some of the great Pokemon games on our handsome list, let us know in the comments below.

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