How to hide android apps?

As an Android user, I know that sometimes hiding certain apps from view is necessary. Whether it’s for work or personal reasons, having the ability to keep certain apps out of sight can be incredibly helpful. This article will explain how to easily hide Android apps from your home screen or app drawer.

1. Using App Lockers:

One way to hide Android apps easily is to use an app locker. Many different app lockers are available in the Google Play Store, so you can see one that suits your necessities. Most lockers will require you to set up a password or pattern for your locked apps, ensuring that only you can view them. You can then easily hide or lock apps on your device, keeping them out of view.

2. Disabling Apps:

You can also hide apps on Android by disabling them. This will effectively uninstall the app but won’t delete any associated data. To disable an app, simply go to Settings > Apps > Select the app you want

3. Using Third-Party Launchers:

Another way to hide apps on Android is to use a third-party launcher. Most of these launchers will allow you to hide apps from view and allow you to create separate app folders. This makes it easy to keep certain apps out of sight while still being capable of accessing them if needed.

4. Moving Apps

This is a wonderful method to ensure the app isn’t visible on your device without deleting it completely.

5. Using Third-Party Apps:

If you want to hide apps on Android without disabling or locking them, you may want to look into using a third-party app hider. These apps are developed to assist you in keeping certain apps hidden from view while still allowing you access to them. They can be amazing for those who must hide certain apps but want to avoid setting up an app locker.

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Hiding apps on Android can be a great way to keep your device organized and secure. There are many methods to use an app locker, disable apps, or use a third-party app hider.

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