How to find Android wifi password? 24 easy ways

If you’ve ever lost or need to remember the wifi password for your Android device, you know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, there are plenty of methods to retrieve that crucial information. This post will describe finding an Android wifi password in simple steps. Then, with a few clicks, you can easily recover the wifi password for your Android device and get back online in no time.

1. Checking the Router:

The easiest way to find an Android wifi password is to check your router. On the back of your router, you’ll find the network name (SSID) and the password (WEP/WPA key). Make sure you write down this information so you remember it.

2. Using a Third-Party App:

Also, third-party apps can help you recover your Android wifi password. Look for an app like Wifi Password Recovery that will let you view and save all saved passwords on your device.

3. Factory Resetting Your Device:

If all else fails, you may require to reset your device’s factory settings. Unfortunately, this will wipe out all your data, so back up your device first. Once you’ve done that, the wifi password should be restored, and you can connect to the network again.

4. Using a Network Analyzer:

If you want to avoid factory resetting your device, another option is to use a network analyzer. These tools scan the airwaves and detect any wifi networks in the area. They can then show you the SSID and password of those networks, so you can easily connect to them.

5. Using a Password Cracker:

You can use a password cracker program to try and guess the wifi password. However, this should simply be an unlimited final resort, as it won’t work and may take some time.

6. Contacting Your Provider:

If you’re still having trouble finding an Android wifi password, it may be time to contact your service provider. They can give you the network name and password to connect to the internet again.

7. Changing the Password:

If you still have trouble finding an Android wifi password, try changing it. First, log into your router settings and change the login credentials to something more secure. This will protect your network from intruders and keep your data safe.

8. Using a Password Manager:

If you regularly forget wifi passwords, you may want to use a password manager app. These apps permit you to store all your passwords in an encrypted format, making them easily accessible when needed.

9 . Resetting Network Settings:

In some cases, resetting your device’s network settings can help solve any connection issues you may be experiencing. This can be done by entering your device’s settings and selecting the reset network settings option. However, back up any important data or files beforehand, erasing all connection information.

10. Checking Your Device’s Settings:

Your device may store the wifi password in its settings, so check there first. To do this, go into your device’s wifi settings and look for a “Show Password” option. If it’s available, click on it, and you can view the password without resetting anything or using a third-party app.

11. Performing a Network Scan:

A network scan can also help you find an Android wifi password by revealing any hidden networks in range. Use a tool like wifi Analyzer to scan for any available networks and then try connecting with them using the obtained SSID and password.

12. Using a Password Extractor:

If you can access the router, you can also use a password extractor tool like RouterPassView to recover the wifi password. This will work even if the router is using WPA2 or WPA3 encryption.

13. Using a wifi Finder App:

If you want to find an Android wifi password without accessing the router, then using a wifi finder app is the way to go. These apps scan through all the available networks in your place and can give you their name and password so you can join quickly and easily.

14. Checking Your Device’s Manual:

Your device may have a manual containing the network’s SSID and password. Most manuals will be located online or stored in your device’s memory, so check before attempting any of the other methods listed above.

15. Turning on Network Discovery Mode:

If your device has this option, turning on network discovery mode can help you find an Android wifi password. This feature will use your device’s Bluetooth and wifi to scan for nearby networks and then display the SSID and password of those networks.

16. Restarting Your Router:

Restarting your router can effectively reset the wifi password and allow you to access the internet again. To do this, turn off your router a few times, then turn it back on again. This should reset the connection and permit you to connect with the new password.

17. Updating Your Router Firmware:

If your router operates an outdated firmware version, it may be worth updating to get entrance to the latest security segments and bug fixes. Doing this can also help you find an Android wifi password, as some routers require users to set up a new login when updated.

18. Reinstalling System Software:

On some occasions, it may be needed to reinstall system software on your device to access the internet again. This can be done by downloading the most delinquent version of your device’s firmware and installing a recovery tool. Once this is accomplished, you can access the internet again with the new password.

19. Resetting the Router:

If none of the above procedures has operated, you may require to reset the router to access the internet again. To do this, locate and press the small reset button on your router (usually located at the back or underside). This will erase all settings and allow you to input a new password when prompted.

20. Updating Your Network Adapter Drivers:

Outdated network adapter drivers can cause several issues, preventing you from accessing certain networks or websites. To ensure your device is connected properly and securely, update your network adapter drivers regularly.

21. Connecting to Guest Networks:

If you’re having a problem connecting to a certain wifi network, you may need to connect to a guest network. Guest networks are generally unsecured and can be accessed without any password. However, they typically have lower bandwidth limits or other restrictions.

22. Contacting your ISP:

You may require to reach your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for service if all else fails. They will be competent to give you the necessary information and support to access their networks and find an Android wifi password.

23. Testing Your Connection Speed:

Testing your connection speed may be worth testing if you have difficulty accessing websites or streaming services connected to a specific network. You can use sites like Speedtest or, which will accurately read your current download and upload speeds.

24. Asking for Help:

Finally, if you’re stuck, feel free to request assistance from friends or family members who may know the wifi password for your device.

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Conclusion: Finding an Android wifi password doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With just a few simple efforts, you can easily recover the wifi password for your device and get back online in no time. Whether by checking the router or using a third-party app, plenty of options are available to help you get your wifi connection back up and running.

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