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10 Best Hairstyle Apps for Android

I know you are a stylish person and you want to style your hair to make your look attractive. Today I will share some best hairstyle apps for android.

Hair is a valuable asset. Who does not like to think differently from others? Different hairstyles make you a different person. Because of this, people fall in love with celebrities and different models. Such as, hairstyle differs from others.

Before going to a party, you can certainly find a hairstyle shop nearby to make your hairstyle attractive. That is time-consuming and annoying. Or, mimic a celebrity’s hair and want to find a hairstyle shop. There was a time when people didn’t search for new hairstyles on the internet. Now the time has changed.

It is difficult for you to fit your face. If you are feeling bored with the routine of hairstyle, seek modern technology. Before using the new hairstyle, you should try on virtual hairstyles. When it comes to hairstyles, you must emphasize your choice.

This post will definitely give you numerous ideas before going to the hairstyle shop. Where you can choose your favorite hairstyles on your mobile phone. By using apps for a few moments before going to the favorite event, you can get a fantastic hairstyle. You don’t need to waste your money to use these apps.

I hope you are able to pick the right hairstyle by using the best apps. This is why you do not need to go salon or hairstyle shop yet. Take a look at the best hairstyle application. We tried to highlight the best hairstyle applications for men and women.

10 Best Hairstyle Application For Men and women

  1. Magic Mirror
  2. Hairstyles Step by Step DIY
  3. Hair Style Color Studio
  4. Monster Hair Salon
  5. Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover
  6. African Woman Hairstyle
  7. Change Hairstyle
  8. Celebrity Hairstylist
  9. HairStyle Mirror
  10. Crazy Hair Salon 

Get a better look at your face; you need to install any application of your choice. Equip your android devices with hairstyle applications. Love hairstyles and try virtual haircuts on smartphones.

Magic Mirror

There are some different hairstyles, which will capture your mind. Every day, everyone doesn’t like to change their hairstyle. Magic Mirror app has different hairstyles. Users who have the opportunity to download for free. Over 100 hairstyles can be found in the Magic Mirror app, enabling you to discover your new hairstyle.

It will give you a complete guide on how to get braid hair. Magic Mirror really works like magic. You can change your look by taking a picture of yourself or your friend. This can make your friends have fun.

The Magic Mirror app is designed for both men and women. And here, you will find lots of hairstyles that have the potential to create your own color. From your own library, you have the freedom to choose any picture. Test imported images with different colors; 20 different hairstyles can be used at the same time. And pictures can be stored in the phone memory for future use. To improve your image with future updates.



Hairstyles Step by Step DIY

Hairstyles Step by Step apps is very important for girls and children. You will also love long and short hairstyles. Suppose you go somewhere on vacation. In this case, the hairstyle step-by-step application will show you which style of hair will suit you best. You can download high-quality photos regularly in different styles.

The application may require an Internet connection to load pictures from the Internet. Also, you can change the color and hairstyle of any image from your memory. Hairstyles Step by Step DIY application has many sections for changing hairstyles.

  • Hairstyles for married life
  • Hairstyles For Birthday
  • Hairstyles for sports
  • Curly hairstyles
  • Hairstyles for going to a party
  • Hairstyles for college

And many more.

So, I would say it deserves a really useful and smart free hairstyle app for girls. The trending hairstyles for women with the best DIYs allow you to download amazingly for free. Brother, hairstyles step-by-step DIY app download without any problem.



Hair Style Color Studio

You must have gone to the hair salon and seen different types of haircuts. How do you look at the new style? If you have a favorite celebrity, try out the celebrity hairstyles. The Hair Style Color Studio app will inspire you to change your hair color and discover exciting moments.

Discover yourself from the past. With the Hair Style Color Studio app, you get a chance to use up to 100 types of hair colors for free. You can also use multiple filters here to give your photos a more sophisticated dashing look. If there are unwanted spots in the image, you can simply delete them. Finally, share your favorite hairstyle with friends.


With these apps, you should make sure of your job properly; then, you are fit to use it perfectly.


Monster Hair Salon

Welcome to Monster Hair Salon Apps. If you are uncomfortable designing hairstyles just for yourself or other people, Monster Hair Salon is for you. This is a unique Barbershop game. So here you are planning to take on some unusual responsibilities. With these apps, you can wash, dry, cut, and change different colors,

You will spend time here with four awesomely different monsters. To play the game, you have to choose a character. Here you can cut hair using a straight scissor, trimmer, or knife. And before cutting them, you can enjoy a new hairstyle by washing or drying.

You are not limited to just a haircut; you can decorate the character with a mask hat and attractive glasses on his face and head.

You don’t have to spend any money to use basic items in the Monster Hair Salon app, but you may need to purchase additional items and pay to unlock them.



One-Tap Makeover

More than billions of users around the world love virtual makeup applications. You can get started with this app to try changing your new look. Design your look with other color combinations. Just make a tap for makeup.

Makeover can help customize your personal style with a lipstick liner brush and more.

With the Facebook Twitter program, you save the look, use the Color-Pro color palette. The One-Tap Makeover app can detect faces imported from outside through Cutting Edge. And it is possible to replace them with the right makeup. One-Tap Makeover capable of using intelligent visual imaging.



African Woman Hairstyle

African people are different from us because of some natural irregularities. So Africans have invented their own hairstyle. You can welcome the African big challenge in classic style without going to the salon. African hairstyles can give you another feeling. Their hairstyles are very different from American hairstyles.

Take the best African braids, gently handling your hair. To imitate the African style, you can browse the African style from the internet and get suggestions from fashion magazines. African girls love to make hair like an octopus leg. Little girls also like haircuts. And they create different kinds of paintings on the head and decorate their hair.

Like many other African American hairstyles, it is simple and can be described. Very easily, fingers are taken care of, and maintenance costs are very low.



Change Hairstyle

Change hairstyle application allows you to try different hairstyles before going to a hair salon. You can make different changes to your hair just by touching it with your hands. All-natural hairstyles are in the Change Hairstyle app.

There are various types of medium, long, straight, curly hair collections. You can just pick a picture and turn the hair around a bit and start a beauty session. Choose one from three types of hair. Keep in mind about your hairstyle and its location. Select a hairstyle from the options below, rotate the image with the rotation button, and adjust it to match the style. Share your favorite photo with friends using a variety of hairstyles and expect everyone’s opinion.



Celebrity Hairstylist

It’s time to express your creativity. Celebrity Hairstylist is a hairstyling salon game. Where you can play talented and creative stylists. Pick up the beautiful model in your salon in these fun games. And give him a great change of mind. Clean his face dirt and give him a nice haircut.

Explore different types of hairstyles to show off your creativity to the world, like New York City. Give your client hairstyles using high configuration salon tools. Showcase your creative designs to your friends and family. When you finish makeup, your designs will be on the cover of each magazine.



HairStyle Mirror

The HairStyle mirror app has more than 100 haircut tools for women. Where you can try many haircuts by turning your phone into a hair mirror. Change the color of the hair as you want, adjust the brightness of the hair or select a new haircut. Take a picture with your device’s front camera, because in order to find the perfect one, you need the device’s front camera.

The HairStyle mirror application makes hair look really weird. Even hair matches your face perfectly; it may look unrealistic. However, you can change the color of your hair. Once the hair is set, different flowers and beads can be used on the hair, which enhances your beauty.



Crazy Hair Salon

Whatever your hair, the Crazy Hair Salon app is ready to make you change. The Crazy Hair Salon app gives you all the hairstyling tools you want to give your hair a princess style. Different types of hooks can change your hairstyle to a unique style.

In the Crazy Hair Salon app, you get a lot of styling activities. Is your hair curly or straight? The application can make you perfect for all curly hair. Choose colors that look like princesses to suit your appearance. And snap the newly created look to your client.




Always aware that hairstyle applications for android make you unique. Your new hairstyle can break a long routine. You can try out these free hairstyle android apps to see which one is right for you. These apps are designed for both men and women. They can choose their favorite hairstyle and have fun with family and friends from their mobile phones.



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